The Start of the Ride Across the US Approaches…

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We are looking forward to the start of our bike trip.  

As many of you know, Mark Williams and I are planning on biking across the US from San Francisco to Yorktown, Virginia (the ending location may change a bit).  We will bike through CA, NV, UT, CO, KS, MO, IL, KY, and VA.  A few of you have expressed interest in joining us — from a long weekend to a week or biking a state or more.  Please see the map of our route across the US.  We’d love for you to join us on the 3,767.5 mile journey for as little or as much as you like to do.

We have mapped out our route on small backroads on physical and digital maps.  In general, we will be staying in motels and inns along the way with a few stays in churches, fire houses, youth hostels, etc.  If you can’t join us on the bike adventure, we’d love to stay with you along the route if you are in the area.  We plan to start on June 4 and end around mid July.  We will likely average around 70 miles per day, but in the mountains, especially on the major climbs and in the first couple of weeks, we will likely average less.  Later in the journey, our average mileage will likely increase.  If you do plan on joining us, I don’t think you’ll need to bring much with you in terms of gear, but we can talk about that.

Mark and I will both be raising funds for charity.  I’ve selected the Alzheimer’s Association and Mark, Bikes Not bombs.  The links are provided below:

Alzheimer’s Association:

I’d like to raise a minimum of $10,000 and have a goal of $20,000.

I chose to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Assocation because of my personal connection to the disease.  My dad, Louis Hill, suffered from this terrible and devastating disesase for over a decade.  One of his accomplishments that he was very proud of was his bike across the country on a three-speed bike in 1948.  It took him 47 days.  My father’s brother, Dick Dilworth, just died from Alzheimer’s disease on May 25th.

All funds raised benefit  the Alzheimer’s Association and its work to enhance care and support programs and advance research toward methods of treatment, prevention and, ultimately, a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.  Thank you in advance for joining the fight against Alzheimer’s disease!

Bikes Not Bombs:

Bikes Not Bombs uses the bicycle as a vehicle for social change.  They reclaim thousands of bicycles each year and create local and global programs that provide skill development, jobs, and sustainable transportation.  Their programs mobilize youth and adults to be leaders in community transformation.

If you would like to join us on the bike ride, it is not too late — please let us know where and when.  Or if you are on our route let us know and we’ll stop by.  The spreadsheet in this link: is broken down into 10 different tabs based on our paper maps.  The spreadsheets indicate our planned mileage on a given segment, daily mileage, cumulative mileage, local landmarks, towns, restaurants and accommodations, etc.  We have digitally uploaded accommodations and other points of interest along our route.  Not all of this information is in the spreadsheets.  We depart San Francisco on 6/4 and will hopefully arrive in the afternoon at the following locations on these dates:

Depart San Francisco: 4 June

Carson Peak, CA: 7 June

Lake Tahoe, NV: 7 June

Eureka, NV: June 11

Cedar City, UT: June 15

Bryce Canyon: UT: June 16

Dolores, CO: 21 June

Telluride, CO:  22 June

Sargents, CO: 24 June

Pueblo, CO: 26 June

Ness City, KS: 29 June

Everton, MO: 4 July

Murphysboro, IL: 7 July

Elizabeth, IL: 8 July

Sebree, KY:  9 July

Berea, KY: 12 July

Breaks, KY: 14 July

Christiansburg, VA: 16 July

Lexington, VA:  17 July

Charlottesville, VA:  18 July

Yorktown, VA:  20 July  FINISH!

For those interested, we have the complete route mapped out digitally with accommodations and fine dinning stops on “GPX” files for download.  The attached spreadsheet is our actual itinerary.  A few people have indicated that they will join us for various segments.  We can’t wait to connect with you.

We have opened a Facebook page where you can follow our journey.  The name of our page is (first name) hill-williams, (last name) bikeus. If you send a friend request to that Facebook account, we will accept it.  You can tell we are very adept at Facebook.

I’ve set up a blog at or to follow us.  We hope to write periodically and upload photos.  In addition, I think the blog will upload to Facebook automatically.



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  1. Have a great trip! The new member grass court clinic at Longwood rained out today. Larry was in a rare form and had the hand outs printed already. Will postpone the clinic. Monday night team tennis starts on Monday. I will keep you posted I know you want to know who wins.

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