Preparing for the First Day (June 4); San Francisco to Davis

Before the ride  on Saturday we were busy trying to eliminate unnecessary items and weight.  Basically taking only one or two pieces of each type of clothing, but since we are going over the Sierras and Rockies, we still need to prepared for cold weather.  Carson’s pass into Lake Tahoe has 14 ft of snow that was just cleared last weekend. Without water, my panniers are around 40 lbs.  Yikes, but managed the first 70 miles today without too much trouble. 

On Saturday, Charlotte and I picked up Mark at the airport, helped to reassemble his bike and then we took our steeds for a test ride to a bike shop for more gear….  We then went for a swim in the cold Pacific at Baker’s Beach — just west of the Golden Gate Bridge.  

Wyatt came up from Santa Clara and we had a fun day.   In addition, my niece, Katherine Carroll and her friend Tom was also staying with Charlotte, Marc and Miranda.  Had an awesome last meal at their house with everyone. 

The official start….

We started from Charlotte’s and Marc’s house at 8:30 am  to catch a 10:00 am Ferry from the Ferry Building to Vallejo.  We met a very nice woman, Eva,  on the ferry who was a physical therapist and gave us some stretches to do.  

Gorgeous day.  Biked through oleander flowers lining most of the way. All kinds of fruit, beans, peas, wheat, walnut and almond trees along the way.   The air was thick with bees and thousands of bee hives. Missed our lunch spot and water in Vacaville.  About 13 miles passed Vacaville another biker told us about a water spigot in a field as we were quite thirsty.  We refilled our water bottles there and had a struck up a 1 hour conversation with the owner, Greg Ferguson who told us about everything and the area.  

Biked into Davis and had a slight cramp, but salt pills solved the problem quickly. 

Davis is the most bike friendly place – rotaries for intersecting bike paths.  

Had dinner with Mark’s daughter, Amelia.  Was so nice to see her and catch-up. 

Taking off from Boston. Thanks for the ride, Paul.

Mark puts his bike back together. 

Charlotte drove Mark, Wyatt and me to Baker’s Beach for our swim in the Pacific.  It was chilly. 

The dip.


Dinner with Katherine, Tom, Marc, Charlotte, Mark and Wyatt. 

Leaving  Charlotte and Marc’s house on steep Rutledge St. 

The Ferry ride to Vallejo

The best water spigot at Greg Ferguson’s ranch. 

Coming into Davis

Finished 1st day

Dinner with Amelia. 

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