Day 3 Plymouth to Cook Station (Volcano)

Big climb today — a little over 4,000 ft.  Tough grades, but we were good about resting.  Saw a sign that said road closed on our route,  but continued anyway thinking we could get through.  After about an hour after the sign a woman yelled at us with 5 or 6 pit bulls in her yard, but was very hard to hear her as the dogs were barking and menacing.  She said we had to go back down and around — 4,000 ft down and around and back up a different route.  She said the road has numerous landslides on it and was washed out for miles and for months.   How could we miss the sign?   

Within a minute, we flagged down a very nice woman who said we had to get away from the dogs.  She knew a short cut and escorted us by driving at 4 MPH as we struggled with loaded bikes on steep grades to a general store where we had lunch and connected to the road we we were trying to intersect.  The woman’s name was Sheryl.  She was our hero.  It would have been a really rough day without her. 

We got to Cook Station, had a beer and left our bikes there and took a cab to Volcano to spend the night.  I had thought that Volcano was a happening place based on the internet, but this was not the case.  A very sleepy town.  

The cab dropped us off at our  hotel  and it was closed.  We found a sign saying that they left a message on my phone on how to get into the hotel, but there was no cell reception.  We found the key under the doormat and were able to connect with Wifi to Robin the manager. I texted with Robin and she said she would mail about 10 lbs of my extra stuff home.  The steep grades somehow convince you to shed your extra and nor essential gear. 

Went to dinner at the Volcano Bar next to the general store.  We were supposed to have dinner at our hotel, but  no food on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  We were fortunate to find food.  The town has an outdoor amphitheater where they put on local plays.  

Pony Express stop.  

Our tour guide Sheryl.  

Cook Station on Highway 88 at 5,000 ft of 8,800 ft of Carson’s Pass. 

Flowers along the side of our hotel in Volcano

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