Day 5: Woodfords, CA to Fallon, NV; Welcome to Nevada

We started the morning by borrowing Ron’s red pick-up to get to Tony’s Alpine Cafe.  He opened up early to give his special eggs.  He then kindly gave us t-shirts.  They catch all kinds of huge trout around there and Tony has lots of secrets spots.  

There were wind advisories posted for the day with 30 + MPH winds at our backs.

Right before we left, Ron’s cute 2 year old grandson was running around with his Thomas the train t-shirt and he had zipper brace on his hand. A few months back Ron’s grandson was sitting in a chair and the chair was picked up by strong winds and the boy and chair were blown into the fire pit.  His grandson was in Shriner’s hospital for a week and almost lost his hand.  Ron took off his brace and showed me his hand and it was perfect.  Very fortunate.  

That story made us pay attention to the wind and the extreme gusts in the area and to take it easy on the descent. 

Great to have a tailwind, but on sinuous mountain roads the wind direction is constantly changing.  In addition, cool winds cascade down the valley walls, especially along ravines and stream beds – creating side currents that want to blow you off the road more than a tractor trailer.   Needless to say we had the governors on for the first 25 miles and only averaged about 15 MPH – thank goodness for disc breaks.  

When we reached Genoa the road flattened out and we started averaging 22, 25 and even 30 MPH for long stretches thanks to the wind.  We had to check our speed though as not to get blown over.   We had lunch at the Olive Garden and it was really tasty and safer than Volcano tacos!  We covered the 59 miles from Carson City to Fallon in under 2.5 hours with the wind assist to end the day at Fallon covering 94 miles. 

On the way to Fallon we saw what we thought was a covered wagon.  One of the strangest sites ever.  See below for pictures.  

Saving the legs with a ride to breakfast

Tony gave us T-shirts from the Alpine Cafe. 

Riding into Nevada.  One state down!

Our first large highway (375) outside of Carson. Luckily, we were only on it for a mile or so. 

Cruising on Highway 50.  The loneliest highway in the US. 

What is this on the highway going about 3 MPH?   A covered wagon?

Randy Boehmer left Indiana 8 years ago spreading God’s good word with his 2 dogs Shepherd and Proverb and five mules that he has to shoe every two months.  Randy offered us two cold diet cokes.  God is definitely on his side.  While we saw Randy and spoke to him he was almost hit by a truck and tractor trailer a few times.  It is a miracle he is still alive with his slow moving wagon creeping along the highways of the US. 

We double booked accomodations in Fallon. Mark canceled his Best Western and we stayed at the  EconoLodge.  Mark thought the door to our room had a bullet hole in it. I reassured him it was not as it looked more like a shot gun blast.   The accomodations were just fine.  

We are drinking plenty of electrolytes, not sure the same applies here.  

It took us some time to find some good grind and of course a milk shake each…

2 thoughts on “Day 5: Woodfords, CA to Fallon, NV; Welcome to Nevada”

  1. How glad you must have been that the wind was at your backs. And may it continue to be so!

    Loving the blog, thank you, I’m sure it’s not always the first thing you want to do after a long ride.

  2. Wow… I can see you two doing the donkey version of this trip in 25 years or so…

    Had a lesson with Ken Loveday yesterday. He’s looking good!!! Getting better all the time… 😀

    The Longwood pool is open. Junior camp starts on Monday. The new bartender keeps giving me Cuba Libre when all I want is a Gatorade…

    Be safe!

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