Day 6: Fallon to Cold Springs Station, NV

From now on I will be dictating the blog as I’m running out of time to write it all down before I go to bed. I will edit it later. Hope the typos are not too bad. I thought it would be better to get something out while I can remember everything. 

Basin, fault, range,basin, fault, range. If you ever read John McPhee’s book basin and range we are traveling it on route 50. This is our mantra as we roller coaster along the Nevada landscape — embraced by silence and majestic views broken only by the occasional raptor, navy jet fighters and the sound of our tires purring across the newly tarred gravel road (which is not a smooth ride and slows us down by 3 MPH) on the loneliest road in America. 

Lunch stop at Middlegate Station

Who eats a 64 oz cheeseburger?  That’s a 4 lb hamburger.  Go Navy!

Mark and I left our mark…

    Nevada Shoe Tree

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