Day 7: Cold Spring Station to Austin, NV

More of the same terrain today.  Basin and Range.  Basin and range.  Wide open country with sage brush and a few cattle sprinkled around.  Lots of jack rabbits — many the victims of cars and trucks.  They are quite large and we would not want to hit one going downhill.  Mark is concerned about the jackalope version as they have antlers.  

We had a relatively short day (50 miles) because of the climbs and the next place for water is an additional 68 miles.  Austin is a very sleepy down.  Hard to believe that over 10,000 people lived here in 1862 when silver was discovered by a pony express rider.   

We walked around Austin and 90% of the town is out of business.  The place everyone raves about is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but they close at 4:00 p.m.  We’ll hit that for breakfast tomorrow and have them make us a sandwich for tomorrow as we have  several long extended climbs and about 70 miles without any water or services in the high desert. 

There was a very nice rock store selling semi-precious gems from some of the local mines.  I really liked the turquoise and variscite specimens, but too heavy to carry. (Anything is too heavy)

We had dinner at the International Cafe across from our accomodations called the Lincoln Motel.  We selected the items that we felt were least likely to have lingering health impacts. We had salads and pizza.

Snow is in the forecast for late Sunday and Monday…..

A few pictures of the basin and range landscape:

A few flowers along the way

Not the Mt. Airy where I grew up…

The next range is our destination – Austin.  Follow the road about 20 miles, down the range 1200 feet , across the basin and halfway up the next range about 1500 feet. 

Watch out for the dust devils moving across the valley floor.

Always look at the flowers — Prickly Poppies on the side of the road.

The Lincoln Motel

The International Cafe

Views of Main St., Austin

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