Day 41, July 14: Berea, Boone Tavern to Coombs, KY

If you want to know what it is like to bike in Kentucky in July,  place your stationary bike in a steam sauna set at about 120 at 7:00 a.m. and start pedaling for a few hours.  At 10:00  turn on 4 heat lamps over your neck and back and turn on a couple more to simulate the heat from the asphalt. Every couple of hours get off and wonder into a store to cool off and buy a gatorade. You can just wonder around your kitchen if you have AC.  As for the dog threat just up your cadence every 20 minutes or so and shout “no” as loud as you can.  

We biked up the Big Hill.  It wasn’t too bad. 

We wanted to ask what a Frosty Ette was, but they weren’t open yet.   

We met Jesse and Wyatt and their dog, Indy where we bought some sandwiches for lunch.  They started in Pensacola and are going to Astoria and then to San Francisco.  Their dog alone weighs 55 pounds. They average 35 miles per day and plan to finish in Mid November.  Wyatt was in the Navy and is taking a break. 

We ate our lunch in Booneville which is in Owsley County.  Owsley County is the second poorest county in the US, but the people are very friendly.  As we pulled up to a bench by a building a man by the name of Bill said please use my office for water or anything else you need to do.  Thank you, Bill. 

Bill Meader’s office. 

A few hills after lunch

We stopped in Buckhorn at the general store and they had everything from paper wasp nests to Timex watches still in their original 1965 case.  

A beautiful church in Buckhorn. 

Appalachia hills

A town before Coombs


Coal mine before Coombs

Arrived at the Hampton Inn in Coombs / Hazard at 8:00 p. m. after 97 miles.  We had dinner at Applebee’s.  

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