Day 42, July 15: Coombs to Lookout, KY

Not as hot today. Fun biking along various creeks and up and down some hills. The afternoon hit us with some long steep ascents at times as high as 15%.

 We ended up not making our target destination of Breaks, VA. We ended up in Lookout, KY. Home of the feuding McCoys (from Pike County) and Hatfields from West Virginia. Some say the feud started over a speckled pig or some left over grievance from the Civil War. In any event the feud finally ended shortly after WWII when a marriage between the two clans occurred

We are staying in the gymnasium of the Babtist Church. Alice Whitetree let us in. In the morning we met Jules Winnfield who is biking from Vancouver to Yorktown on a fixed gear bike. We ended up spending most of the day with him and ended up at the Baptist Church with him. He recently graduated from college and is waiting to hear from the Royal Canadian Mountain Police. 

 We bought chicken salads at the only store in town. A couple of guys with thick accents told us not to go to Haysi or Breaks. It is too far and you have to go over several mountains. LT said he’d bring some moonshine by. I asked him if it would make me blind. He said it is only 110 proof and if I sip it it will do some harm, but not if you slam ’em. He looked around and told me the store owner makes the best. I said it looks like we’ve come to the right place. 73 miles today.  

Eastern Kentucky Terrorists. It seems counterintuitive, but if you stop your bike and yell “No, go home!” You can actually stop a dog attack. Mark, Jules and I did just that and it worked. If we started to bike they would start the chase.    

Can’t load photos today do to poor cell service. 

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