Day 48, July 21: Ashland to Yorktown, VA

After exactly 100 miles we arrived in Yorktown. Hard to believe the day would actually come.  The swim almost revived us enough to start pedaling back to San Francisco!  After all, it would be a shame to let our excellent shape go to waste. 

What an historic and quant village and what’s not to love about Williamsburg. 

Got home to Newton Saturday night.  Got on the scale and lost a few pounds 19 as far as I can tell.  Approximately 174 before the ride and 155 after…..   Wowza!!!   Now to curb the 6,000 calorie diet!    More to come….

I’m writing this in advance as I likely won’t have time tomorrow as my wife, Sue and my sister, Leslie and her husband, Dennis,  are meeting us at the finish line and swim in the Atlantic.  

Dennis sent me an e-mail reminding me that tomorrow on our way to Yorktown we will be going close to the Gaines’  Mill Civil War battlefield where my great great grandfather (on my mother’s side) Samuel W. Waldron, Jr. served with the Union Army in late June 1862. He was also a secretary to Abraham Lincoln.  
More to come…..   

5 thoughts on “Day 48, July 21: Ashland to Yorktown, VA”

  1. Awesome! Your presentation in this blog made it look easy, except for the picture of Mark with a bag of ice on his knees. Congratulations. Each day when I go out for my 10-15 mile ride I think of you guys pounding out successive 100 mile days and I stand in awe. It must be odd now not to have to get up tomorrow for another long ride. Also, nice historical touch to end in Yorktown, a place famous for a victorious ending to a long struggle. Washington would be proud of you. Congratulations!

  2. Great accomplishment!! I look forward to reading the book… Aren’t you writing a book about your adventure?
    Now maybe the focus can switch towards more tennis???

    1. Thanks. Looking back on it now, I too am amazed that we got up every day and got on our bikes without a break.

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